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Lesson 3 Clean Machines第二课时教案王慧娜 

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Lesson 3 Clean Machines

Second Period

Teaching objectives:

In todays class, we are going to:

1. Review the interview.

2. Compare the Present Tense and the Present Perfect Continuous Tense and learn about them.

3. Practice using the Present Tense and the Present Perfect Continuous Tense .

Type of lesson:


Teaching Aids:

Blackboard and Multi-media

Teaching Procedure:

Step 1 T Explain learning objectives

Step 2 Review the interview: Ss fill in the blanks to complete the summary of the interview on P40. (Ss can refer to the textbook.)

Step 3 Work out the tenses used in the summary. Ss tell which PPT is and which PPCT is.

Step 4 Review the structures of the two sentences.  (T writes them down on the blackboard.) 

Step 5 Grammar

Ss summarize the structure and function of the two tenses in pairs. Distinguish the difference of the two sentences:

PPCT: activities that are still going on.

PPT: achievements or finished action. 

Step 6 Practice

Ss complete the sentences according to the pictures and situations given. Step 7 Ss tell which sentence, a or b fits each situation best.(p41 Ex.7)

Step 8 Ss put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous. (p41 Ex.8)

Step 9 Application

Ss work in groups. Talk about what you (or your school/family) have been doing or have done about the 2008 Olympic Games. (take notes when doing group discussion) 

Step 10 Ss report to the class and assess other groups work.

Step 11 Assignment

Finish the exercises on P82. Write a passage about the things you have done or have been doing for the Olymp