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M4U11Lesson 3 The Advertising Game第一课时导学案王慧娜 

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Lesson 3  The Advertising Game


I. Lead-in:

Put the following advertisement slogans into Chinese.

1) Just do it.

2) Impossible made possible.

3) Intelligence everywhere.

4) The taste is great.

5) The choice of a new generation.

6) Lets make things better.

7) Obey your thirst.

8) M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

II. Pre-reading:

 1. Can you think of some advertisements you have seen?  Make a list about the places where you have seen advertisements?

2. Match the words with their definitions

advertiser   advertise   advertisement    advertising

  1) to make known to the public, e.g. in a newspaper or on TV  ______________

2) something used for advertising things                    ______________

3) the business of encouraging people to buy goods by means of ads ________

4) the person who makes ads                             ______________

III. While-reading:

1. What does the passage talk about? 

A. The advantages and disadvantages of ads

B. Different sorts of ads

C. The development of advertising

D. The effect of ads on our life

E. Peoples attitude toward ads

2. Get the main idea of each paragraph, while reading the text for the second time and re-arrange the paragraphs in the right order.

1) Products are sometimes linked with different concepts or ideas.       _____

2) New and unusual ideas often appear in today’s top advertisements.   _____

3) An ad may give direct information like names or locations.            _____

4) Public ads have helped to increase public knowledge.                _____

5) Ads are made visually attractive to hold the attention of the public.     _____

3. Answer the questions according to the text.

1) When does the simplest type of advertisement work?

2) Why are modern techniques of design not enough for advertisements to be noticed in modern cities?

3) What ideas do todays advertisers use to make you notice their products?

4) What has the government done during the last decade? 

4. Read in detail and complete the table.



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