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M4U11Lesson 3 The Advertising Game第二课时导学案王慧娜 

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Second period

I. Revision:

1. Fill in the blanks according to the text.

There are many different kinds of advertisements.  Some may give _______ information about the product; some are made __________ attractive to hold peoples attention; others use __________ like success and wealth. Nowadays top advertisers prefer to use _________ as well as new and ___________ ideas to surprise people. Public advertisements, however, focus on increasing public ____________.

2. Find these words in the text and match them with their definitions.

Approach,  boom,  budget,  classic,  concept,  consist of,

contemporary,  corporation,  neighbourhood,  suitable

a) traditional, typical      _________        b) company   _________

c) right for something     _________        d) contain     _________

e) plan of how money should be spent   _________

f) rapid increase         __________        g) idea     ___________

h) method              ___________            

i)belonging to the present time  ______________

j) area around where you live   ______________

II. Grammar:

1. Complete the sentences with the verbs in their correct form.

1) Im an early bird, and Ive got used to _________ ( get up ) at 5:00 a.m.

2) There is only one programme worth ________ ( watch ) today-the science programme on volcanoes.

3) Its no use ________ ( worry ) about it. You cant do anything to change it.

4) I regretted _____________ ( not apologise ) to the old man for my bad behaviour.

5) My little niece and nephew are always excited to set out on a ________ ( camp ) trip.

6) For fifty years, she did her job without ___________ ( complain ).

7) ________ (Ask) about other peoples personal business is not polite.

8) I feel like __________ (not do) anything at all this evening.

2. Rewrite the following sentences using the Gerunds.

1) Its bad for you to watch too much TV.


2) Mary collects stamps. Thats her hobby.

3) He suggested that we should ask the boss for his opinion first.

4) He rushed to the school. He didnt have breakfast.

5) Dont talk to her. Its no use. She never listens.